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Private Tuition Club specialises in home tuition, sending highly qualified tutors to your London home. If you require assistance with specific weaknesses in any subject, our specialist tutors work closely with you to build your confidence and skill. Our one-on-one service complements studies in the classroom, providing the extra care and attention you need to thrive academically.

Why is home tuition so effective?

  • With a private home tutor, you receive individual attention, enabling faster progression and genuine tutor-pupil rapport.
  • Fewer distractions mean greater improvement. Free from the interruptions of the classroom, you can concentrate on your work and learn at your own pace. Learning is aided by the ability to use your own technology and learning methods in a quiet home environment.
  • Home tuition with Private Tuition Club gives you the opportunity to work with a highly qualified specialist. Our tutors have extensive experience and hold an upper-second class or first-class degree from a top UK university (Oxbridge/Russell Group).
  • Learning is individual. A home tutor will carry out an initial assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and will devise a tutoring strategy to tackle problem areas. With a tailored schedule, your academic goals can be reached effectively and with ease.

What do we offer?

  • We provide support for all subjects and curriculums, including: KS1-3, GCSE, IGCSE, IB, A level and university preparation.
  • At PTC, we assist with a broad range of work. Whether it is homework, coursework, covering subject content or theory, our tutors are here to offer expert advice.
  • Our skills-based lessons help to improve essay writing, critical thinking, study skills, exam technique and training, time management, problem solving and creative thinking, preparing you for any academic challenges you might face.
  • If you are learning English, we encourage structured conversations and speaking practice.
  • At Private Tuition Club, we pride ourselves on delivering tuition with a difference. We use an unparalleled range of interactive online tools and multimedia methods to fully engage our students with their studies.

How does our home tuition work?

  • We start our guided application process with an introductory session in which our tutor assesses your individual needs and desires. We look for your strengths and weaknesses and create a plan to move forward for the best results long term. We cater for all learning styles. No matter how you learn, our tutors adapt their lessons to suit your needs to enable you to flourish.

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