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Train with the most elite private tutors to secure a place at top UK independent schools, Oxbridge and world-ranking universities.

Oxford University methods

Founded by an Oxford education department graduate, PTC brings the latest Oxford-inspired teaching methods to every session.

First-rate Tuition

Join us for a uniquely first class tuition process based on feedback, assessment and results.

Commitment to Excellence

Work with the strongest team of advisors providing around-the-clock support for 100% satisfaction.

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Learn with the UK's best Private Tutors Internationally


At the Private Tuition Club we train champions. Our rigorous selection procedure ensures you’ll be learning with the finest UK tutors on the market in 2020 (2:1 or first class tutors only) . We are committed to your success, and provide closer monitoring of the tuition process for every pupil. Our methods serve the requirements of the modern learner and we pride ourselves in creating a digitally smart learning experience. Training champions is our passion- in academia and in life. 


tutors international


Give your child the advantage of an advanced learning experience adapted to their pace and level, with our team of professional private tutors globally.

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online tutoring


Wherever you are in the world, learn online with a digitally skilled team using new online tutoring platforms. Practical learning tailored to your schedule.

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private tutor


Ace Oxbridge admissions tests and Oxbridge interviews. Secure a place at Oxford university, Cambridge or your first choice university.

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About Private Tuition Club

In pursuit of higher academic achievement?

Do you aspire to secure a place at leading UK independent schools or elite universities?

Discover Private tuition Club, a strong team of Britain’s most highly trained Oxbridge and Russell group tutors and specialist educational advisors. A pillar of support during times of academic challenge, our sophisticated private tutors are inspiring and training ambitious pupils across London and internationally. The team creates an effective learning programme tailored to each tutee, delivering stellar results.

We understand the importance of a unique learning experience for your child. As a result, we create learning experiences built on modern education technology and the most up-to-date resources and course books. It is this unparalleled attention to customising learning to the digital era and selecting suitable materials with an educator’s perspective that engages and inspires our pupils, steering them to ultimate success.

Whether you aim to give your child the advantage of a top independent education or seek to improve confidence in a subject area that may be complex and confusing, working with PTC is an opportunity to capitalize on a network of the UK’s most productive and encouraging tutors, providing stable and attentive support in all subject fields. Book your free consultation today. 



Advanced Learning Methods

At Private Tuition Club, we use an unrivalled range of interactive online tools and multimedia to engage our pupils in their studies such as digital coursebooks and interactive tasks.

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International Private Tutors

International Private Tutors

Access top-quality learning globally with our residential tutors. Our tutors fly directly to you, providing exceptional tuition wherever you are.

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Oxbridge & Russell Group Tutors

Oxbridge & Russell Group Tutors

Ace Oxbridge admissions tests and interviews by training with experienced Oxbridge tutors. Secure your place at Oxford or Cambridge university or on the undergraduate degree of your choice.

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Investment for the Future

Give your child the best start in life to achieve their academic potential, working towards entrance to prestigious schools and universities in a nurturing and rewarding way.

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