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Training Champions

Imagine giving your child the ultimate advantage in life, to learn and train alongside champions, to become the best version of themselves and fulfil their full potential.

Imagine rewarding your child with the tools and knowledge, to overcome life’s challenges and to be resilient in an ever-changing world.

At the Private Tuition Club, this is possible. Our world-class team of over 300 Oxford, Cambridge and Russell group tutors, with a track record of raising pupil attainment, are currently training pupils globally. Our pupils are securing places at Oxford, Cambridge and elite UK schools and universities, with the support of committed, understanding and motivating PTC staff.

If you are an international family seeking to secure first-class British educational standards from prep school to university, online or residentially, then Private Tuition Club is your portable educational solution. 

  • Enjoy stress-free, practical, online learning internationally
  • Secure top results for Cambridge exams, IB, IGCSE, A Level and Oxbridge applications
  • Book professional British staff fast & efficiently
  • Learn with patient, reliable and well-prepared tutors
  • Access 24/7 customer feedback & support


Stress-free, Fast, Flexible

Online Tuition

Wherever you are in the world, learn online with a digitally trained team using new online lesson technology. Practical learning tailored to your schedule.

Secure British educational standards

Private Tutors Internationally

Give your child the advantage of an advanced learning experience adapted to their pace and level, with our team of UK qualified professional private tutors internationally.  

Train to ace Oxbridge tests and win your place

Oxford University & Cambridge admissions test Tuition

Ace Oxbridge admissions tests and Oxbridge interviews. Secure a place at Oxford university, Cambridge or your first choice university.

Dedicated Private Tutors

Train with the most elite private tutors to secure a place at top UK independent schools, Oxbridge and world-ranking universities.

Oxford University methods

Founded by an Oxford education department graduate, PTC brings the latest Oxford-inspired teaching methods to every session.

First-rate Tuition

Join us for a uniquely first class tuition process based on feedback, assessment and results.

Commitment to Excellence

Work with the strongest team of advisors providing around-the-clock support for 100% satisfaction.

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