7+ 8+ 11+ 13+ Common Entrance tutor

We provide stable and effective Entrance examination training with experienced educators to ensure successful outcomes for pupils aspiring to attend the UK’s top prep and all types of independent secondary school. Support covers pre-tests alongside the obligatory and challenging  7+/8+,  11+ and  13+ Common Entrance papers. Private Tuition Club tutors, most of whom have attended some of the best independent schools in the country, are a pillar of support and motivation for pupils during this challenging applications phase.

We recommend ongoing weekly sessions in addition to tuition over the half term, summer and Christmas holidays for a more thorough and structured tuition schedule. During these sessions, your PTC entrance exam tutor (7/8+ 11+ 13+ or Common Entrance) will provide training in Mathematics, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal reasoning- key components of the Entrance Examination papers.

As a first step, we encourage pupils to complete a mock test in English and Maths, in order to assess their current level and highlight areas for improvement. Contact us on 0207 427 6093 or Email enquiries@privatetuitionclub.com to arrange your PTC mock test with an experienced tutor in your London home.  We subsequently provide feedback on the results as well as guidance on a suitable tuition program to ace the Entrance Examination. Further information regarding Entrance Examinations can be found below.


The 7+ is taken in year 2 for entry into year 3. It is comprised of three papers, English, Maths and reasoning based on the year 2 syllabus. Pupils are assessed on comprehension, writing and problem-solving.

The 8+ follows a similar structure to the 7+ with a higher attainment level. Content follows the KS1 Curriculum and early stages of KS2. It is comprised of a reading comprehension, writing, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. 

Evaluation is based on the above tests, alongside an assessment day where a pupil’s ability to interact with peers and staff, to work independently and as part of a group are evaluated.


Set by girls schools and London day schools commonly in January of the year of entry, the 11+ exam encompasses four disciplines, as set out by ISEB. An 11+ tutor will prepare pupils in the following areas: 

  • Verbal reasoning- tests ability to work with words and language

  • Non-verbal reasoning-  involves solving problems with pictures, diagrams and patterns

  • Mathematics- includes problem solving and mental maths

  • English Skills- assesses grammar, vocabulary, comprehension and creative writing


The 13+ Common Entrance exam is fiercely competitive. Compulsory papers are centred on English, Maths and Science. In addition, candidates may be required to sit papers in a wide range of subjects chosen from: French, Geography, German, Classical Greek, History, Latin, Religious Studies and Spanish. The core subjects, most modern languages, Latin and Classical Greek are offered at more than one level.


Due to the limited availability of places at Sixth Form, the 16+ exam is set by independent schools as part of an extremely competitive selection procedure for year 12 entry.  This exam usually takes place in Autumn of the school year before entry, in October or November.

Examination papers are centred on each subject looking to be pursued at A level, varying from 45 minutes to an hour in length. Each paper tests candidate subject knowledge, but most importantly, the ability to apply this knowledge to a new context and framework.