Independent schools advice

Choosing an independent school that is right for your child determines their future success. Therefore, making an informed decision from the outset is crucial.

Prep schools, independent secondary and boarding schools share the common ground of highly selective entrance requirements, however such schools vary widely in terms of culture, ethos, teaching approach, facilities and pastoral care. Other important considerations include the availability of scholarships and bursaries, the role of sport and music, parental involvement and opportunities for cultural enrichment.


As a starting point, we recommend a 2hr session with the PTC independent schools advisor (at your London home or online) to clarify your criteria and expectations. A qualified and experienced teacher, our advisor is equipped with wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience of some of the UK’s most prestigious boarding schools. The advisor works closely with families to provide informal guidance on schools of interest, followed by a formal recommendation leaflet with details of the application procedure for each shortlisted school.


Following the PTC recommendation leaflet, we can arrange school visits which are an opportunity to assess the suitability of the school according to the criteria set out with your PTC advisor.

Call 0207 427 60 93 or Email to book a session with our independent schools advisor and qualified teacher.