Private Tuition Club provides high calibre academic assistance to families in London, Cyprus, Monaco and more internationally. We assist pupils across a broad educational spectrum (see full list below). Where we differ is in our meticulous attention to bringing to life Educational theories explored by our Founder while studying at the University of Oxford Education Department.

Our tutors are advised on how to use the most authentic, dynamic and engaging materials, fully integrating 21st C tools such as interactive whiteboards, apps and audiovisual material, to stimulate interest and deeper understanding of a subject.

Through our modern approach, our pupils become fully immersed in traditional content. Private Tuition Club trains learners to appreciate and explore the wonders of each subject, beyond the confines of the classroom,  to become independent thinkers with the ability to evaluate knowledge and apply their own critical analysis. Cutting-edge lessons are followed by rigorous exam paper practice to ensure pupils are familiar with exactly what is expected of them at assessment and how their papers will be evaluated.

  • Key stage 1 (5-7yrs)
  • Key stage 2 (7-11yrs)
  • Key stage 3 (11-14yrs)
  • Key stage 4 (GCSE/ IGCSE, IB)
  • A level and Pre-U
  • University admissions /UCAS applications
  • University level academic assistance
  • Mentoring at all levels
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